Respect differences, be the winner!

For the successful implementation of the Mind_Coach project, the partners have structured the project in five distinct work packages and three horizontal activities. In particular they have foreseen:

Work Package 1: Current situation analysis

This work package includes the analysis of the current situation based on the desk and field research carried out by the partners. It leads to Intellectual Output 01. This WP is expected to start on Month 1 of the project and finish by the end of Month 4.

Work Package 2: Development of the M_Coach training course

In the context of this WP, due to start on Month 5 and finish by the end of Month 12, the partners will develop the training, based on the findings of the situation analysis. The course will be development will be made in such a way so as to cover all cases of discriminatory behaviour, as identified in the previous WP and propose sport activities to tackle them. The Mind_Coach course will be delivered online, through the dedicated eLearning platform and supported by serious games. This WP leads to the delivery of O2.

Work Package 3: Development of the M_Coach didactic manual

The third work package is expected to start on Month 10 and be finished by the end of Month 15. It includes the development of the didactic manual for trainers of trainers/ coaches, to ensure that they are well aware of what the course is all about, how to promote it to their learners and provides an analytical presentation of the methodologies, tools and activities identified by the partners, along with additional resources and reference material. The didactic manual will also contribute significantly to the sustainability of the Mind_Coach course, serving the purpose of facilitating its delivery even after the end of the project cycle. This WP leads to the successful delivery of O3.

Work Package 4: M_Coach eLearning platform and gamifild learning development

The fourth WP includes the design and development of the Mind_Coach platform, which will be used as the main means for the delivery of the course. Alongside the development of the platform, the partners will also design serious games, to accompany the learning process. The platform will be piloted, along with the training course and the manual by selected members of the target group, to validate its accuracy and completeness, and, by extent, the appropriateness of the results developed to reach the objective set. This WP starts on Month 3 and will be finalised by the end of Month 24, when the final tested version of the platform will have been concluded (O4). The platform will be incorporated with the project website, for maximum visibility and awareness raising. Like the website, the platform will also be available for three years after the completion of the project, to ensure maximum sustainability of results.

Work Package 5: Pilot phase

The fifth WP includes the testing and validation phase of all the aforementioned intellectual outputs. The partners will engage selected members of the target group to participate at the course, apply the methodologies proposed and give feedback on the appropriateness and coherence of the tools developed. The partners will also seek to receive feedback from the final beneficiaries (young adults 16-21 years old), to validate that the tools developed in the context of the project are effective and help indeed foster tolerance, acceptance and an inclusive society overall. This WP is due to start on Month 17 and be finished by the end of Month 23, with the delivery of the Pilot Phase Report (O5).

Work Package 6: Compilation of lessons learned

This final work package focuses on the compilation of the feedback received and the drafting of policy recommendations on how sports can significantly contribute to the change in the mentality of young adults and promote a society of tolerance, acceptance to diversity and inclusiveness. It is scheduled to be implemented from Month 22 until the end of the project and will result in the delivery of O6.