Added Value

Respect differences, be the winner!

The M_Coach project falls very well under the broader intention of the EU to incorporate social inclusion issues in the context of sport, since such activities provide opportunities for marginalised and underprivileged groups to interact and integrate with other social groups.

The social and societal contribution of sport does not always reach its full potential, given that the membership of sports clubs remains comparatively low amongst women and a variety of marginalised and underprivileged groups. Many of these groups are also under-represented amongst sporting professionals and volunteers or members of committees and governing bodies, whether at local, national, or European level. As shown by a recent report of the EU Fundamental Rights Agency, racism, xenophobia and other forms of intolerance continue to pose problems in European sport, including at amateur level.

Nevertheless, although the facts are already there and there is enough awareness around this issue, not much has been achieved so far..

The M_Coach project is a project that intends to materialise the aforementioned priorities of the EU, by tackling discriminatory behaviour among young adults 16-21 years old, by bringing out the positive elements that sport can offer to any individual. The consortium will develop a training course for trainers/coaches and their trainers, based on which they will be in the position to identify and tackle any form of discriminatory behaviour, through the use of sport-based activities.

All partners will aim at identifying the sources of discriminatory behaviour in the context of their country and, through the interaction with target group members, as well as project stakeholders, they will develop a training course which will be applicable across all member states. The fact that the partners will address any source causing the intolerance and discrimination will ensure that the transferability of the results is very high.